Green Futures Lab

July 25, 2019

Global Green Lecture Series

Global Green is a lecture/panel series showcasing Sustainable Planning and Design in the Pacific Northwest and Denmark. Funded by the Scan Design Foundation. The themes to date have been:

Autumn 2023 “City Nature and the Nature of Cities
Rasmus Astrup, SLA

Spring 2023 “Copenhagen’s BLOXHUB: Nordic Hub for Sustainable Urbanization
Martine Kildeby, BLOXHUB

Autumn 2011 “Livability or Gentrification? Democratic Neighborhood Revitalization in Copenhagen”
Bianca Hermansen, Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Spring 2009 | Toward a Walkable Seattle: Drawing on International Examples
Helle Søholt, Gehl Architects

Fall 2008 | Urban Design for Walkable, Bikable Cities
Jennifer Wieland, Seattle Department of Transportation
Roger Geller, Portland Office of Transportation
Louise Grassov, MAA, Gehl Architects
Jim Huffman, MAIBC, LEED A.P., Busby Perkins + Will

Spring 2008 | Energy and Design: Sustainable Approaches for Climate Protection
Jayson Antonoff, International Sustainable Solutions
James Meyer, Opsis Architecture
Joel Loveland, UW Department of Architecture
James R. Duncan, Sparling Engineers

Spring 2008 | Public Spaces for Public Life
Lars Gemzoe, Gehl Architects

Fall 2007 | Sustainable Architecture
Rich Franko, Mithun
Margaret Montgomery, NBBJ
Robert Miller, Bohlin Cywinsky Jackson
Rob Harrison, Harrison Architects

Winter 2007 | Civic and Green Infrastructure
Speakers and Panelists:
Brian Hansen, City of Copenhagen
Kevin Perry, Nevue Ngan Associates
Nancy Rottle, UW Green Futures Research and Design Lab
Charles Anderson, Charles Anderson Landscape Architecture Company

Jennifer Wieland: Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Planning in Seattle

Jim Huffman: Walkable Design for a Sustainable Dockside Green

Louise Grassov: There’s More to Walking than Walking: Design for Copenhagen’s Public Realm

Roger Geller: Bicycle Transportation in Portland – A Tale of Three Cities


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