Green Futures Lab

July 25, 2019

Shifting Gears

The benefits, utility, and joys of traveling by bicycle are countless, and the relative costs affordable. Yet it has been challenging for US cities to develop the kinds of infrastructural facilities that would make cycling available and attractive to large portions of their populations. Copenhagen, Denmark provides an inspiring example of municipal commitment to cycling as the primary mode of travel, with its carefully designed and ever-expanding facilities rendering it a metropolis where everyday cycling has become integral to the city’s shared active culture, social vibrancy, and overall happiness.

The UW Green Futures Lab (GFL), in collaboration with Gehl Architects (GA) and supported by the Scan|Design Foundation, is pleased to present this paper and its linked videos that were developed by Peter Cromwell and Ashle Fauvre as part of their Internship with the GFL and GA. We hope that the lessons learned through Peter’s and Ashle’s study in both Seattle and Copenhagen, and the pair’s creativity in presenting those ideas in the illustrated paper and videos, will help propel cities to provide the infrastructure and programs that invite people of all ages and abilities to use bicycles to travel efficiently and economically, for environmental and personal health, and for pure pleasure.

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