Green Futures Lab

July 25, 2019

Mapping Invitations

Did you ever come across a little spot in your neighborhood that you just found, by accident, and as you lingered, you found yourself leaning on a ledge or sitting on a bench under a tree? As time passed, you realized that you were meant to be there. Someone had set up this situation for you to walk along and take a break. A city lasts in one’s memory due to the quality of moments like these: invitations to linger in the public realm.

The UW Green Futures Lab (GFL), in collaboration with Gehl Architects (GA) and supported by the ScanlDesign Foundation, is pleased to present this paper and its linked videos that were developed by Peter Cromwell and Ashle Fauvre as part of their Internship with the GFL and GA. We hope that the lessons learned through Peter’s and Ashle’s study in both Seattle and Copenhagen, and the pair’s creativity in presenting those ideas in the illustrated paper and videos, will help cities to design their urban spaces to invite people to safely and joyfully engage in the public realm.

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