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August 15, 2019

Stormwater Web Portal Feasibility

It is well documented that the leading cause of degradation to Puget Sound arises from stormwater pollution. The Puget Sound region’s current and projected urbanization, growing coverage of impervious surfaces and antiquated stormwater infrastructure increases stormwater pollution that poses significant ecological and human health risks. There have been substantial breakthroughs in landscape solutions that remediate pollutants. However, this information is not broadly distributed or easily accessible for laypeople, decision makers, NGO’s or urban designers. Instead, these exceptional ideas are spread across a variety of websites, technical publications and conferences. Additionally, there is a need for a compilation of considerations beyond stormwater results, such as aesthetic, biological, economic and public perception factors. A synthesized public resource is critically needed to address our growing demand for green stormwater information and to provide tangible examples that help guide and support planning, implementation, and public communication of sustainable solutions.

The GFL, supported by the Russell Family Foundation, conducted a Feasibility study to research opportunities and identify the need for such a resource. The discovered need for a Stormwater Web Portal is documented in the Stormwater Web Portal final recommendation report that can be downloaded at right.

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