Green Futures Lab

August 13, 2020

Sweetgrass Shorelines Restoration Project kicks off!

The Sweetgrass Shorelines Restoration Project – the latest in the Living Shorelines Puget Sound effort to revive Seattle’s waterways – kicked off on July 14. Ecological and design professionals and students around Seattle all gathered on Zoom to learn about the project’s intentions and start brainstorming potential sites for implementation. Each group identified many opportunities and constraints for the future of the project. The meeting really sparked a lot of excitement and great ideas to move onto the next phases of the project.

Visit the Living Shorelines Puget Sound website for more information

Using Google Earth and the white board feature on Zoom, each group placed hearts on potential locations for the Sweetgrass project to focus on. Even though we were without physical maps and trace paper – we made the best of the technology we have!