Green Futures Lab

April 13, 2009

Interns Work with the GFL, ISI, and the City of Seattle

Gehl interns Katherine Wimble and Eric Scharnhorst adapted Gehl methodology to conduct a study of the pedestrian environment around three light rail stations (Othello, Mt. Baker, and Beacon Hill) in order to capture baseline data on existing conditions of the areas before Sound Transit operations begin in July 2009. Within a 1/4 mile radius of each of the three stations, they mapped existing infrastructure in the right of way (sidewalks, places to sit, awnings, etc.) as well as spatialized, qualitative data (issues of scale, invitation, eyes on the street, evidence of illicit behavior, etc.). All of the data has been digitized with Arc-GIS and will be presented to the City of Seattle and Neighborhood Planning groups.